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Denny Cove Trailhead

DISTANCE: 2.5 miles total 

DIFFICULTY: Moderate-to-Strenuous

TIME: 3-4 hour hike time

Denny Cove was added to South Cumberland State Park in 2017 because of its outstanding rock climbing routes on the bluff, along its northern escarpment.  Below the bluff, the trails in this area provide good access, both to the climbing areas and to the Denny Cove waterfall.

The half-mile Denny Cove Access Trail, which leaves from the parking area trailhead, connects to each of the following trails:

The Denny Cove Climbers’ Access consists of two trails, which diverge from the main trail, just past creek crossing, about a half mile from the trailhead and parking area.  Together, the Denny East and Denny West Climbers’ Access Trails provide climbers with access to nearly 500 different rock climbing routes: The Denny West Climbers’ Access (right at the split) is 1/4 mile in length, and the Denny East Climbers’ Access (left at the split) is about 3/4 mile in length.

The Denny Cove Waterfall Trail is about one mile long.  It continues straight ahead at the Climbers’ Access trail junctions, and is considered moderate to strenuous, as it crosses numerous boulder and scree fields. The ‘falls’ is actually a beautiful double-drop cascade. Rocks near the cascade are often wet and slippery, so watch your footing as you approach the falls!

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