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This website is created for and focused on providing relevant information to potential tourism visitors to the South Cumberland region of Tennessee. As such, all submissions must be relevant to the purpose of this website.  


You must submit information separately for each of the major areas of the website, e.g., "Things to Do", "Food & Drink", "Lodging", "History", “Venues”, “Farm-to-Table”, etc. However, please only submit for areas that are directly relevant to your enterprise. You must provide a website address or Facebook page to which visitors may be directed for complete and up-to-date information about your enterprise, as the size of your listing on this website is limited.  In order for your listing to be considered for publication, all questions on this form (except for the image upload) must be answered. If no image is provided, TSCTP reserves the right to insert a generic image of its choosing to represent your facility.


If you find any errors in your listing or wish to submit updated information at any time, you may use this form again to provide the new information. However, please note that information posted here is not updated on short notice. 


All submissions are reviewed prior to publication, and Tennessee's South Cumberland Tourism Partnership reserves the right to edit your listing, adjust what categories your listing appears in, or reject your listing submissions or updates if they are not within the scope of the available listing categories or otherwise not appropriate for this website's audience. We appreciate your support of our region's official tourism website.

Click on a category below to submit a new listing or update an existing listing.