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Descend the Spiral Staircase to the Swimming Hole at Greeter Falls

While most visitors use the Savage Gulf West trailhead to reach summertime swimming areas at Blue Hole, and at the Upper and Lower Greeter Falls areas, the Greeter Trail will also connect hikers to the entire Savage Gulf trail network. Along the way you can visit the historic Greeter Homestead, and the site of Long’s Mill, where the Greeter family milled grain and used a water-powered saw to cut lumber. Parts of the trail to the swimming hole are rough and challenging, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes. The good news is that a project is underway to bypass one of the most challenging parts of the trail. Park rangers and volunteers are building a new trail staircase -- the first of two new ones -- which should open in early 2023. But fear not! The iconic spiral staircase is not going away!


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