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Embracing the Magic of Fall In Tennessee's South Cumberland.

by Matt Morrison

As a lifelong resident of Tennessee's South Cumberland region, I've had the privilege of witnessing the transformation that Autumn brings to our beloved corner of the world. In this blog, I want to take you on a journey through the eyes of a local, sharing the intimate beauty and cherished experiences that make our autumns truly enchanting. Here are 6 reasons why visiting Tennessee's South Cumberland in the fall is a must!

Laurel Gulf Overlook, Savage Gulf State Park
Sunrise at Laurel Gulf Overlook in Savage Gulf State Park

1. Nature's Masterpiece: Fall in Tennessee's South Cumberland is a masterpiece painted by God. The rolling hills and lush forests transform into a symphony of colors, from fiery reds to warm oranges and deep yellows. For me, this is the time when I eagerly grab my camera and share the breathtaking landscapes with the world.

Hwy 56 in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
Hwy 56 heading into Historic Beersheba Springs.

2. Hiking in My Backyard: Our region is a haven for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Every year, when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to fall, I lace up my hiking boots and hit the trails. Whether it's the rocky beauty of the Grundy Forest Day Loop at South Cumberland State Park or the mystique of Stone Door at Savage Gulf State Park, the fall hikes are incomparable. As a local, these trails are like old friends, each turn and bend holding cherished memories.

Fall Leaves, Fiery Gizzard, Grundy Forest
Leaves in Fiery Gizzard Creek

3. Small-Town Treasures: Tennessee's South Cumberland boasts an array of small towns, and each one has its unique charm. In the fall, I find myself strolling through the streets of Tracy City sipping on Coffee and admiring the seasonal displays in the quaint shops. I love sharing these small-town moments with the world, showcasing the local culture and welcoming spirit.

4. Offroading: Fall is one of the best times of the year to be out on the trails. The scenery is unmatched and the temps are mild and all you need is a good hoodie to stay warm. Coalmont OHV Park has some of the best trails to experience the greatness of Fall here in Tennessee's South Cumberland. It's a great time to camp as well!

a Jeep on the trails at Coalmont OHV Park
On the trails at Coalmont OHV Park

5. Fall Festivals: One of the joys of being a local in South Cumberland is attending the fall festivals. From the lively Fanny Moffitt Festival to the artistic displays at the Craft Fairs in Beersheba Springs, I look forward to these events all year. As a photographer, I take pride in capturing our region's vibrant culture and the unity these festivals bring.

6. Connection to History: South Cumberland is steeped in history, and as a local, I feel a deep connection to our heritage. Whether exploring the historic Stoker Stampfli Farm, CCC historic sites, or hearing stories from our historians at the Grundy County Heritage Center, I aim to preserve and share our history through my content.

Stoker-Stampfli, Swiss Heritage
Stoker Stampfli Farmhouse in Gruetli-Laager.

Fall in Tennessee's South Cumberland, is more than just a season; it's a way of life. I have the privilege of not only enjoying the beauty and traditions of our region but also sharing them with the world. Through photography, storytelling, and a deep sense of belonging, I hope to convey the magic of our beloved South Cumberland in the fall, inviting everyone to experience its unique charm. Visit our lodging page at to start planning your trip now!


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