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Tennessee's South Cumberland partners with Responsible Stewardship.


South Cumberland

and Responsible Stewardship

🌲 We're thrilled to announce a new partnership that's all about preserving the natural beauty of our public lands and communities here in Tennessee's South Cumberland!


“We are now a proud Partner of Responsible Stewardship LLC. They are an all-volunteer-operated, action-based 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit based here in Tennessee. Together we are joining them in their mission to remove litter and trash from our outdoor spaces and doing our part to help make them more inviting to everyone. By helping to restore and preserve these outdoor spaces, we are ensuring these spaces will be a better place to recreate for generations to come.”


This partnership will unite our community members and visitors with scheduled cleanups within Tennessee State Parks, The Mountain Goat Trail, Coalmont OHV Park, and other public spaces in our area as well as in the communities. We will work together to ensure our lands are more inviting for our guests and more enjoyable for our locals.



Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on scheduled cleanups that will be taking place very soon!

Thank you for your support, and let's make Tennessee's South Cumberland even more amazing while protecting its natural beauty for generations to come!

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Know your Impact

•Understand the effects of your impact on the area you visit both physically and digitally

•Understand ways you can lessen your impact and what you can do to lessen the impact of others

•Be prepared and know what to expect (weather, rules and regulations)

Take Action

•Once you see something, it becomes your responsibility

•Do something to help

•Volunteer with a park or stewardship organizations

•Physically invest your time

•See a positive impact immediately from your efforts

•Pack it out and leave it better

•Erase the trace others leave behind

•Do Good


Educate Others

•Educate yourself and others on how we can lessen our impact both digitally and physically.

•Put that education into action

•Educate others through your action

•Lead by example


•Raise awareness

•Use your voice to become part of a solution to a problem

•Use your social media platform to advocate for public lands, green spaces and parks

•Connect with governments, businesses and groups to find solutions to issues

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RS - Donate .jpeg


•Give with purpose

•Donate to organizations or groups that maintain, management or preservation of public lands or green spaces

Tag Lightly

•Consider your digital impact before posting on social media

•Use broader location geotags and hashtags like states or countries vs specific locations like parks, mountains, lakes.. etc.. Or use NO geotag location at all.

•Consider the following before you post:

•Is there adequate:

• parking

• restrooms

• roads

• enforcement

• If your answer to any of these is NO, then choose No geotag on that location.

Foster Stewardship Together 

  • *Designed to be inclusive and encourage to create community

    *The core values of Responsible Stewardship are rooted deep into our beliefs that together we all can foster these ethics to make all public lands and public spaces a cleaner and better place that welcomes everyone to enjoy responsibly.

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